Our Story

from pain to relief

Founded by Shirley Budhrani in 2018, Inner Temple Healing is the rendition of her vision to make self-healing more accessible for everyone. After suffering a traumatic and life changing experience that dealt with severe pain from a frozen shoulder, she decided to take healing into her own hands a few years ago. That’s where the idea of Inner Temple Healing first occurred to her. She visited and consulted various local and overseas doctors, tried different oral medications and supplements, and even tried physical therapies such as physiotherapy and acupuncture. But, none promised and sustained longevity in pain relief. She then embarked upon a more natural journey to learn about holistic alternatives as a means to ease pain, stiffness and discomfort.

By continuously educating herself on different types of essential oils, Ayurveda practices as well as Aromatherapy sciences, she decided that in order to optimize her knowledge, hybrid oils needed to be formulated. She researched, networked and collaborated with international and certified clinical reflexologists and mixologists to determine the perfect balance. She also learnt how maximizing these globally sourced natural oils can help curate concoctions that we now know as the Inner Temple Healing’s oils.

After launching her oils, selling them online and in various wellness fairs, events and spa-beauty centres, she received an abundance of positive feedback from customers. These testimonials stated how the oils worked for them and made them feel more in control of their own healing journeys. Beauty and skin care have always been important to Shirley and she believes it’s as much about looking good as it is about feeling good. With happy customers and positive reviews, she decided to venture out and grow Inner Temple Healing’s collection to cater to body and skincare needs too. Her passion and hunger for providing self-healing products engaged her into widening the spectrum of global and international oils. She also went on to discover the best of the best from each country, culture and understood how to bring them together to go beyond a commercial mindset.

Today, Shirley strives to continue and educate herself to fully grasp and understand the powers of nature and holistic solutions. Her passion is to share her knowledge with everyone by not only providing honest and ethical products but also giving them the tools to self-heal, self-love and self-grow. Inner Temple Healing’s ethos is based on four fundamental pillars; being natural, vegan, cruelty-free and supporting fairtrade. She hopes that with the growth of her brand, awareness and its mission, many will use these products to find balance within and be their own healers.