health supplements

Our repertoire of holistic care comes with specialized CBD oil and practitioner’s based supplements. Reach out to us for specific needs, so we can curate your very own supplements with the correct dosages.

I can totally vouch for the products as these oils have helped me and my family tremendously. Additionally, the CBD and higher-grade supplements have helped me make a great shift toward improving my health. Thank you for making such reliable products.

Rashika D / Supplements

I use the Vit D3 and K2 and Activated B12 Sprays. They have worked very well with my health. Because they are in a spray form, they don’t interfere with my digestive system and that makes it 100% beneficial for me to use.

Rani M / Supplements

I use the NanoCelle Vitamin D3 +K2 spray and I love it. It is easy to take and a great quality source of Vit D and K for vegetarians. I also take the NanoCelle Activated B12 spray, Multibiotic and CarminaGest which helps with my digestion and Vital Nutrients Magnesium which I find have improved my sleep.

Honey A / Supplements

I consulted with Shirley and she recommended the correct and targeted supplements for my issues. I started taking them and I’m feeling great. Don’t know how they work so fast! So, I inquired about them and was told that these are special compositions and are highly efficient. Well, for sure, they worked and I am very pleased. I was recommended the joint supplements, Biotin, Zinc & Magnesium.

Deepa M / Supplements

I am currently using all the supplements that have been recommended to me. In particular, the Nano CBD, Vit D3+K2 and Activated B12 are our go-to. We understood the efficacy of the vitamins only after we took them. As it is in spray form, it allows ease of use and travel. We also use the Joint Therapy Oil for any aches and pains that come about.

Gita B / Supplements/Joint Therapy Oil

I was going through immense fatigue in spite of doing regular exercise and a good diet. However, when I consulted Shirley, she made me aware of the importance of the depletion of Vit D3 and the importance of several other minerals that our body lacks during menopause. It took some time to understand why and she patiently explained it to me through logic. I even questioned her about the difference between buying supplements online and the ones she recommends. It was all to do with the correct composition and efficacy of the capsules. She educated me to read the labels and understand the dosages. I am very happy with the outcome and now I always order my supplements from her. I take Vit D3+K2, Magnesium, Zinc, and Activated B12.

Ritu H / Supplement