Common Hair Problems and Solutions

hair care solutions

Whether it’s frizzy hair, dryness of the scalp, or even heat damage, we’ve experienced these hair problems. We know–the struggle is real.

Referred to as the “crowning glory”, our hair is a direct expression of our personality and style. Hair problems often cause worry and affect self-esteem, especially for us, women. Read on to find out how you can overcome common hair problems to help you achieve gorgeous, healthy hair.

Haircare Solutions

Hair Loss

Losing strands more than usual? On average, women lose up to 50 strands of hair per day, and more when they’re going through hormone changes or periods of extreme stress. If this is something that gets you down, the good news is there is an array of products and vitamins for hair loss that are designed to help prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

Dr. Seed Anti Hair Loss Tonic, this water-based product with Biotin for Scalp reduces scalp heat and improves scalp health with its medicated botanicals properties. It helps maintain scalp pH levels, promoting hair growth and controlling hair loss. It is an essential pick for your hair care routine and receding hairlines.

Hair Styling

Using hairspray has been the most popular way to style hair. This product can be used to keep hair in place, guarantee an all-day hold, as well as to create volume, and even keep flyaways at bay. But sometimes, it could cause more damage than you know.

Say goodbye to hairspray chemicals and say hello to healthy luscious locks! Dr. Seed’s Styling Fixer is a nutrient & vitamin-rich alternative to traditional hairspray – it offers hold, volume, and detail to your stylish blow-dry and curls for long-lasting results. It is lightweight and is made of clean formula with the aromatic fresh floral fragrance of Green Musk that keeps hair smelling, looking, and feeling great!

Dry and Damaged Hair

Is your hair feeling a little dry these days? Perhaps you’ve spent too much time in the sun or water or maybe your locks are thirsty for a boost of hair-healthy ingredients after that last coloring session at the salon or run-in with the straightener. Whatever your hair damage is, hair oil can help.

Our Aaamazing Hair Oil, made of A-list Ayurvedic ingredients, promises to add life to your hair while helping with dry, brittle, and coarse hair. It also feeds hair that has been over-styled, processed, or exposed to continuous amounts of heat. We bet your hair will feel absolutely Aaamazing!

Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp is by far the most embarrassing hair problem to have. If this itchiness is accompanied by extreme oil or dryness and you see flakes on your clothes, it’s probably dandruff. So if you are experiencing this, don’t worry! Wash your hair with shampoo and never skip conditioner. Then try adding a hair oil that will work like magic to battle this problem.

Meet our simple yet effective scalp treatment, Hipuco Oil, a power-packed concoction, rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This chemical-free hair oil lends us such beautiful hair that we can’t help but vouch for it! The best part is it’s all-natural and chemical-free helping you get to the ROOT of the problem.

Also, to maximize scalp and hair regrowth. Pair your Hipuco Oil with our Onion Hair Oil for double treatment which regulates the scalp’s pH balance and aids in keeping the scalp clear of dandruff and avoids premature greying.

If you suspect these are underlying medical conditions, it’s best to seek professional advice and consult your doctor.

When it comes to your hair routine, try incorporating all-natural products that have been formulated to improve and support hair health. Explore our line of hair care products here.

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