Top 5 Benefits of Hair Oils

hair oils

Are you getting frustrated with your brittle and damaged hair? We thought you should know that you are not alone. According to a survey conducted, about 91% of women do something to their hair every day that contributes to hair damage. Whether it is hair ironing, blow-drying, going to bed with damp hair, or hair coloring, they all harm our crowning glory.

There are many ways you can restore damaged hair and using hair oils is on top of the list. Hair oils are scientifically proven to have many benefits depending on the kind of oil used.

Because of this, we have shortlisted 5 of the most important benefits of hair oil for you:

Reinvigorates hair tissues

Hair oils can penetrate deeply, especially when massaged onto the scalp causing revitalized hair tissues. Some people leave hair oils in overnight for maximum absorption but one to two hours would suffice.

Hydrates the hair

Hair oils contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are good for the hair. They help nourish hair that has been damaged by exposure to various elements. For deep absorption, it is recommended to apply coconut oil overnight. Its high concentration of lauric acid helps with moisturization.

Strengthens roots

With regular use, hair oils help get rid of dirt from the hair and clear the hair follicles of toxins that weaken it.

Stimulates hair growth

The massaging technique used when applying oils exfoliates the scalp. Additionally, it stimulates the circulation of blood which helps with hair growth.

Fights hair fall

Our Onion Hair Oil treatment helps with regrowth and prevents hair fall. It is a proven Ayurvedic solution that targets hair loss and its contents stimulate hair follicles and aid in hair regrowth.

If you’re looking for solutions to repair your damaged hair, explore our natural hair products here.

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