Essential Oil Combinations to Try

essential oil combinations

Who doesn’t love to play around with different kinds of essential oil? Knowing the right blends and the perfect type is like making the perfect potion for your well-being.

Certain essential oil combinations help improve mood, relieve stress, or promote a restful night’s sleep. Some other combinations are good for relieving pain or swelling, supporting the immune system, and promoting healthy digestion.

This guide lists 5 essential oils combinations that you can use to improve well-being:

1. Lavender + Frankincense (Calm)
This blend has to be one of the most popular blends in aromatherapy. It has a sedative effect that may help with stress or anxiety. According to a research way back 2012, this blend is thought to calm anxiety by impacting the part of the brain that controls emotions.

2. Rosemary + Peppermint (Peace of mind)
Rosemary essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to promote focus, memory, and reduce brain fog. Meanwhile, peppermint is used to help energise and refresh the mind and body. That’s why when combined, these two are effective naturalisers. Similarly, you can also try combining these two to ward off hair fall.

3. Bergamot + Lavender (Euphoria)
The properties of this blend can reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, cortisol and elevates dopamine “the happy hormone”.

4. Lemon + Tea Tree (Fresh and Clean)
This combination is well-known for its antimicrobial properties and helps to combat bad odours. Its intense lemon-citrus aroma is great for household cleaning formulation.

5. Cardamom + Lemongrass (Uplift)
Lemongrass essential oil is reminiscent of lemon and lime. Because of this, its essential oil promotes a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, cardamom has an uplifting aroma with its spicy fragrance. When mixed with lemongrass, its blend can relieve stress, anxiety, headaches and migraines.

To wrap up, knowing the benefits and properties of every essential oil is vital when it comes to mixing and blending them. It’s good that we do our own research to avoid overdoing these essential oil combinations.

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