Why Are Face Oils Trending

Over the last three years, face oils have emerged as the new must-haves for every vanity, irrespective of gender, skin type, and season. From being a go-to for any skin woe to lending multiple long-lasting beauty benefits, face oils are a trend that is here to stay. Here’s why:

  • They make for an ideal face primer

The luxurious and silky texture of face oils helps prep the skin for easy application of foundations or any other product. Moreover, the consistency helps shrink enlarged pores, which prevents clogged pores, giving your skin a smooth and plump finish.

  • They moisturize and deeply nourish  

The nourishing ingredients of face oils serve as a great moisturizer for your skin. Besides giving your skin the right moisture, they also nourish deeply, sealing hydration and lending softness all day long.

  • They give your skin a healthy and natural glow

Most face oils help with age signs, eliminating skin issues that come as we grow old and are exposed to everyday stresses. By restoring the lost glow and working their magic on skin concerns of all kinds, face oils lend you a healthy flush that is natural and lasting.

  • They help guard and protect your skin

Facial oils act as a protective coating for the outer layer of your skin when applied last in your skincare regime. Additionally, they also come with antioxidant and nourishing properties that offer protection from free radicals and other skin problems like loosening, photoaging, and more. 

  • It is meant for every skin type

Contrary to most beliefs, many face oils are suitable for use for any and every skin type, even the oily type! In fact, when used on an oily skin type, they help control sebum production, preventing acne and other skin problems that come with excess oil.

Now that we know that face oils are trending for all the right reasons, they sure do deserve a spot in your skin regime. We stand by our Blend 26, Flawless Face Oil, and Honey, You’re Beautiful face oils and you would do!

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