At Inner Temple Healing we combine Ancient Ayurveda with Modern Aromatherapy. Our clinically formulated and balanced hybrid oils are curated in the hope of spreading healing and happiness. We aim to empower each individual to be their own healer.

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What Makes Us Different

Inner Temple Healing’s ethos is based on four fundamental principles, being vegan, natural, cruelty-free and supporting fair trade. Our products are made in small batches with precise quality control and hand poured with positive intentions.

Hand Poured


Cruelty Free

Fair Trade

100% Natural


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Crafted under certified Ayurvedic specialists, Aromatherapists and Mixologists

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Our Story

From pain to relief.

Founded by Shirley Budhrani in 2018, Inner Temple Healing is the rendition of her vision to make self-healing more accessible for everyone. After suffering a traumatic and life changing experience that dealt with severe pain from a frozen shoulder, she decided to take healing into her own hands a few years ago. That’s where the idea of Inner Temple Healing first occurred to her.

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